Estúdio Ninho

Created in 2012 by the Brazilian designers Vinícius Lopes e Gabriela Kuniyoshi, the Ninhostudio aims to employ design in its entirety, valuing creative freedom and the search for innovation regarding industrial production. Known for working with upholstered and non-upholstered furniture, lightening, consumer goods, Ninho brings fresh eyes to everyday objects, presenting products that share a concern with both functionality and playfulness as well as encouraging the user to approach the object and interact with it. The studio’s concept is inspired in a bird’s nest, which, from branch to branch, is built in a conscious and careful way. In the same way the nest stands out for its interwovenness and its solidity — both results of a thorough formation process — Ninho’s products stand out fortheir aesthetic and functional quality, an outcome of its meticulous creative process.

Designer's products: